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How to use technology to manage your time

The purpose of origination a noncommercial is to make a business model that helps individuals in would like. however it will be troublesome to target your core mission after you square measure over-involved with body and operational tasks.

How does one make sure that your main focus is on tasks that square measure crucial to your mission? on-line productivity apps and tools will assist you to delegate and change several of your operational tasks, like accounting, communications, programing etc.

This is a bit-by-bit guide to victimization apps to form your daily tasks easier.

Things you will need
It’s a smart plan to start out by job a gathering, asking team members that apps they use, and determining that of your current apps simply aren’t cutting it. Once this task is finished, you’re able to begin considering one amongst the subsequent 5 apps.
Find associate degree app which will assist you manage your daily tasks
There is no shortage of disruption list and task management apps. On Google Keep you’ll be able to produce lists, notes and reminders etc that may be shared across multiple devices.

If you’re already victimization Google Drive and alternative Google productivity tools, you will need to envision this one out. It’s not super made in options, however the interface is straightforward to use, and once combined with alternative apps on this list will be a true plus.

Keep everyone on a similar page once it involves programing
There square measure several calendar apps that may assist you and your team keep in synchronise and avoid untidy programing conflicts. one amongst the most ones is Kalendi that permits each you and your team members to post events to public calendars, avoiding any conflicts. this may be helpful for managers UN agency need to understand what team members wear their plate.

Invest in associate degree easy-to-use project management app
Take a glance at Trello. It’s visual and easy-to-use interface that doesn’t need you to know GANTT charts or project management vernacular.

Trello uses a straightforward to know card-based format. every card will contain lists, and be affected around in order that you’ll be able to instantly amendment the order within which you wish tasks to be done. Open up a card and you’ll be able to transfer files, make lists, and far a lot of.

Another nice feature is that you simply don’t have to be compelled to open Trello to use it. each board (aka project) that you simply produce gets its own email address. therefore to feature a card or build a amendment, simply send associate degree email.

Get a handle on your emails
‘I have to be compelled to take care of this at once. It’s necessary, however it will wait. this is not spamming, however it will wait indefinitely.’ basically, each email you receive falls into one amongst these 3 classes. along with your personal email, you will be able to manage all of your emails on your own.

However your business email is sometimes a distinct story. With probably many emails coming back in daily, associate degree app that helps you manage your correspondence will be essential.

Sanebox is associate degree email management app that permits you to manage your email directly from the online. You got wind of classes for sure individuals and topics, and also the tool can assist you to form sense of the emails that square measure already in your box.

Manage your content right from your phone
You’ve created a social media presence and attained followers. you are manufacturing nice content due to your own team or with the assistance of a piece of writing service you employed by victimization the services by paperwriting.reviews. Your challenge now could be to stay that momentum up. this implies publication, promoting, and making content on the fly from your mobile.

For many nonprofits, the foremost powerful content you’ll be able to gift to your audience is storytelling. this can be ultimately what’s going to get individuals to feel showing emotion invested with in your whole and your mission.

Sometimes they’re in visual kind, typically they’re videos, typically straightforward pic collages. Stories inform readers regarding the causes you support, the individuals you facilitate, associate degreed even provide an insider’s read of your organization. For the visual aspect of storytelling, look no additional than the Pinterest app. you’ll be able to use it to inform visual stories, pin content, and far a lot of directly from your phone.

Further data
Whether you select all of the apps listed here, just a few, or go your own method with a completely completely different choice of tools, bear in mind that daily operations can run far more swimmingly if all team members square measure victimization a similar technology.