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How Does Technology Affect Your Health

All manner of technology surrounds United States. From our personal laptops, tablets, and phones to under-the-table technology that furthers medication, science, and education.

Technology is here to remain, however it’s invariably morphing and increasing. As every new technology enters the scene, it’s the potential to enhance lives. But, in some cases, it additionally has the potential to negatively have an effect on physical and emotional health.

Read on as we have a tendency to take a glance at many potential negative effects of technology and supply recommendations on healthier ways that to use it.

Digital eye strain
According to the yankee Optometric Association (AOA), prolonged use of computers, tablets, and cellphones will result in digital eye strain.

Symptoms of digital eye strain might include:

blurred vision
dry eyes
neck and shoulder pain
Contributing factors area unit screen glare, dangerous lighting, and improper viewing distance.

The AOA recommends the 20-20-20 rule to ease eye strain. To follow this rule, try and take a twenty-second break each twenty minutes to appear at one thing that’s 20 feet away.

Musculoskeletal issues
When you use a smartphone, the possibilities area unit that you’re holding your head in Associate in Nursing unnatural forward-leaning position. This position puts heaps of stress on your neck, shoulders, and spine.

A small 2017 study found a transparent association between self-reported addiction to smartphone use and neck issues.

An earlier study found that among teens, neck-shoulder pain and low back pain rose throughout the Nineteen Nineties at identical time that the utilization of knowledge and communication technology was increasing.

Overuse of technology also can result in repetitive strain injuries of the fingers, thumbs, and wrists.

If you’re feeling the pain of technology, you’ll take the subsequent steps to scale back these issues:

take frequent breaks to stretch
create Associate in Nursing applied science space
maintain correct posture whereas victimization your devices
If pain persists, see a doctor.

Sleep issues
Technology within the chamber will interfere with sleep in a very range of the way.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, ninety % of individuals within the u. s. say that they use school devices within the hour before about to bed, which might be physiologically and psychologically stimulating enough to have an effect on sleep.

A 2015 study incontestable that exposure to the blue light-weight that devices emit will suppress endocrine and interrupt your time unit clock. each of those effects will build it more durable to sleep off and end in you being less alert within the morning.

Having electronic devices within the chamber places temptation at your fingertips, and it will build shift off harder. That, in turn, will build it more durable to nod off once you try and sleep.

Emotional issues
Using social media will cause you to feel additional connected to the globe. But, examination yourself to others will leave you feeling inadequate or disregarded.

A recent study checked out the social media use of over one,700 individuals between the ages of nineteen and thirty two. The researchers found that those with high social media use felt additional socially isolated than those that spent less time on social media.

A 2011 cross-sectional surveyTrusted supply of highschool students in Connecticut found that web use was problematic for regarding four % of the participants.

The researchers same that there may be Associate in Nursing association between problematic web use and depression, substance use, and aggressive behavior. They additionally noted that top college boys, who, in keeping with the researchers, tend to be heavier users of the web, could also be less awake to these issues.

A 2016 systematic reviewTrusted supply created mixed findings on the link that social networks have with depression and anxiety. The proof suggests that social network use correlates with mental disease and well-being.

However, the researchers noted that whether or not it’s a helpful or prejudicious result depends on the standard of social factors within the social network atmosphere.

More analysis is important to form conclusions on cause and result.

If social media use causes you to feel anxious or depressed, attempt curtailing to examine if doing therefore makes a distinction.

Negative effects of technology on youngsters
The findings of a 2014 studyTrusted supply recommend that even when resolution out food and exercise, technology seems to have an effect on the health of kids and teenagers.

The researchers used a broad definition of screen time that included:

video games
tech toys
They conducted the straightforward reciprocity study victimization Associate in Nursing anonymous on-line survey. The study authors finished that folks and caregivers ought to facilitate kids learn to scale back overall screen time.

According to the mayonnaise Clinic, unstructured playday is best for a child’s developing brain than electronic media. At two years previous, kids will like some screen time, however it shouldn’t replace different necessary learning opportunities, together with playday.

Research has connected an excessive amount of screen time or low-quality screen time to:

behavioral issues
less time for play and loss of social skills
sleep issues
Like adults, kids WHO pay heaps of your time on digital devices will expertise symptoms of eye strain. The AOA advises oldsters and caregivers to observe for signs of digital eye strain in kids and to encourage frequent visual breaks.

A 2018 study of adolescents ages fifteen Associate in Nursingd sixteen found an association between frequent use of digital media and therefore the development of symptoms of attention deficit disorder disorder (ADHD).

The study concerned a longitudinal cohort of scholars WHO self-reported their use of fourteen digital media activities, and it enclosed a 24-month follow-up amount. additional analysis is important to substantiate whether or not it’s a causative association.

Positive effects of technology
Technology plays a job in just about each a part of our lives, whether or not we’re awake to it or not. These area unit simply many of the ways that during which technology might absolutely have an effect on our physical and mental health:

health apps to trace chronic diseases and communicate very important data to doctors
health apps that assist you track diet, exercise, and psychological state data
online medical records that offer you access to check results and permit you to fill prescriptions
virtual doctor visits
online education and simple analysis
enhanced communication with others, which might improve the sensation of affiliation
Ways to form the foremost of technology
With every new advance in technology, it gets a touch easier to travel overboard. after we get too held in it, we will feel it in our minds and bodies. So, what proportion is just too much?

The answer is as individual as you’re. Here area unit some signs that you just may be leaning too heavily on technology:

Your family or friends complain regarding your school use.
You’ve neglected relationships in favor of technology, which individuals generally seek advice from as phubbing.
It has interfered together with your work.
You’re losing sleep or skipping physical activities because of technology use.
It’s inflicting you stress or anxiety, or you’re noticing physical facet effects, like tension headaches, eye strain, muscle pain, or overuse injuries.
You can’t appear to prevent.
If that sounds acquainted, here area unit some ways that to chop back on screen time:

Clear your phone of dispensable apps to stay you from perpetually checking it for updates. Carve out a selected, restricted quantity of your time to use your devices.
Turn some tv time into physical activity time.
Keep electronic devices out of the chamber. Charge them in another space. flip clocks and different glowing devices toward the wall at hour.
Make time of day gadget-free time.
Prioritize real-world relationships over on-line relationships.
If you’re to blame for children:

Limit their screen time, permitting it solely at bound times of the day and limiting it throughout activities like meals and simply before hour.
Know what they’re doing. Review their programs, games, and apps, and encourage the partaking ones over those who area unit passive.
Play games and explore technology along.
Take advantage of parental controls.
Make sure that kids have regular, unstructured, tech-free playday.
Encourage face time over on-line friendships.
Technology could be a a part of our lives. It will have some negative effects, however it also can supply several positive edges and play a crucial role in education, health, and general welfare.

Knowing the potential negative effects will assist you take steps to spot and minimize them so you’ll still relish the positive aspects of technology.